Its never been as hard for rescues as it is this year. SUPPORT YOUIR LOCAL RESCUES and help me help them also raise funds and awareness.


'THEY' say  67% cats are affected by CATNIP and 80% by the chemical in GALL FRUIT.

Both products produce a harmless naturally occurring  plant chemical that stimulates the reward centres of the cats brains. This affect varies from cat to cat, in some it makes them more playful, loving, maybe a bit crazy, basically lessening their inhibition's and  conversely in other cases it can being very 'calming'  and relaxes them.
Every cat varies, so I cannot tell you how your cat will respond, some go totally nuts and others  I have been told take their's everywhere with them like a comfort blanket as it calms them.

So with the help of my 3 very different and willing  Bengal cats, I have come up with a range of options, some 'just' catnip or gall fruit and some have 'both' in case you don't know which your cat might like. I've added a crackle and rattle element to some and a sisal rope tail as my boy LOVES pulling, biting and chewing his!

I have ground the gall fruit up myself and stuffed all the toys as I personally hand make them. I've had enough gall fruit powder in my nostrils to drive a thousand kitties nuts, but sadly it had no effect on me at all that I am aware of!

So CHECK IN MY SHOP and see the dozen or so different choices! or visit the FACEBOOK PAGE, where many of you can or have posted your cats or every type having a wonderful time!

Check out the FB George Mason Creations for products and customer comments and uploads of kitties loving the catnip.

Lots of new items to delight!


Something UNIQUE
High quality Pencil pots, frosted glass tumbler and large skinny tumblers for keeping your drinks cool.

Ask for a design you like, one you have, get it personalised.  just email me at george@masoncreations.co.uk



Some items require different equipment to print onto, like these CAT BOWLS and I also have DOG BOWLS.

So with a recent purchase of a sublimation oven I can now print an increased range of items .

you can have your cats face/picture put on it or their name, or one of the designs I have.

Your imagination is the limit!


Retro '70's feel colourful design


A bit of vibrant colour, some serious retro vibe and some well know shelter cats taking to the sea in their colourful cat submersible, to visit the octopusies, they were expecting cats with 8 legs but sadly not, but still very interesting!

MUGS, PENCIL POTS & CAT BOWLS, but other items too as you wish :-)

Just message and we can discuss it!


Products for Rescues

Last year I provided 6 shelters with a range of items and a couple of other charities too all FREE OF CHARGE

Those that came back to me I will continue helping them.

My primary rescue is CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER. When you buy something from me, made in my front room as a little cottage industry, you allow me to provide goodly amounts of promotional items for rescue charities free of charge to raise funds.  When I have raised enough funds from direct sales, I can send them a box or two which is all provided them all free of charge and when they sell them the money is 100% theirs to keep. If I should get to the giddy heights of surplus cash, then funds too.  Christmas 2024 I managed  nearly £1000 to CAT WATCH, I'd like to be able to help them all year round and also provide a little fun and fancy into all our daily lives.

The profits I generate once the costs are covered are channelled into providing products to sell at fetes and fayres to both raise funds and highlight the work of the shelter and donations as possible.

  So please SHARE this site and help promote it, so I can help you, help a cat in dire need today. THANK YOU

Come and visit the FACEBOOK  Pages and see more.

What would you like me to make for you today?


I have picked 4 well know members  of the CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER as my 'muses' We have 'PICKLERICK' the blind black cat, 'PRINCESS SCRUFFY' the 'wobbly' white long haired cat 'FELIX aka FiFI McGOO' the resident me and greet black and white cat who has Calcivirus and 'Nugget' the big ginger floof, who has heart issues. Some cats have to stay at the shelter to ensure they get the care and treatments they need, but they are all great characters and much loved. 

If you want PERSONALISED - then just email me George@masoncreations.co.uk

Various Designs

My own cats are my passion. Whether I am trying to capture them with digital art or amuse them with cat nip or gall fruit toys, it is for the love of these gorgeous creatures I work each day.

Loving, naughty, endlessly amusing, they make a house a home and a for those alone, life a bit less lonely, as mine are Bengals and boy do they like to have a chat with you! 

Can you imagine my excitement as I discovered not only could I create some designs of my own, but also reproduce them not onlhy onto paper for the wall, but into any amount of daily household items. 

I can share that delight with you and make any items up with YOUR designs to let you experience that joy too.

Product Branding

There are many breeders on the FB groups and I have provided branded items for  some of them to promote their catteries.

This is a range of air fresheners, tote bags and cat nip toys all branded and logo'd to give to new owner/adopters of their precious babies.  

Lakeland Bengals did not actually have a logo to start, but I made one up with a favourite image and the name, which I think worked quite nicely.

The benefit here is that the breeders pay me for this, cheaper and better than they can get elsewhere and I can use that money to support rescues, for cats less fortunate and not going to homes where they will be spoilt silly.  My prices are very keen and everyone has been very happy.

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