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I specialise in crafting a wide range of products with the sole purpose of supporting rescues's who give much needed help to stray, feral, hurt, unwanted, and abandoned cats. Through my collaboration with various small private charities, I strive to provide the help these cats desperately need. I invite you to peruse the assortment of items available for purchase, each meticulously designed to cater to your preferences. Should you desire a personalised or unique item that deviates from what is showcased, kindly reach out to me via email at George@masoncreation.co.uk. Additional information can be found below,if you want to know more then just scroll down. The main rescues I am supporting are CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER & THE CAT WELFARE GROUP, I have also sent boxes of items to THE UNDERHEUGH ARK RESCUE  and THE WILLOWS ANIMALS SANCTUARY I have approached several others, if they respond, I will help them too.


New designs in my BEST SELLING Cat nip toys, plus some new, fun and delightful characters.
Lots of totally new items, check out the 'Mini Catnip Tickler' or the MEGA RAT or MEGA SQUIRREL, plus a whole range of GALL fruit cat treats.
All products have been tested on my own three very different character Bengal cats, GRUMPY KASH, who pretends to be 'above all this nonsense' and goes bonkers for a whole Gall fruit when she thinks we are not looking. Sweet natured TANGO, who loves everything, but is a bit of a lady to go too mad, but still has her moments when she rips up a catnip toy, then gets embarrassed and runs off. Finally  BLUE my cheeky happy boy  catnip connoisseur, its  due to Blue many items exist because of his reaction to them, he loves them all  and is the chief tester.
Check out the FB George Mason Creations for products and customer comments and uploads of kitties loving the catnip.

Lots of new items to delight!



These crackers have been a labour of love. 
Premium foiled luxury card, a proper snap,  concealed and attached to the case and kitty  xmas sticker.  Inside there is a sealed bag, to avoid the contents spraying all over the place. You get a mini quiz ,16 diff ones A-P, with 6 questions to suit all ages. A Groaner of a joke! yes they are terrible, but that's the deal! A Sweet Treat from a range of blasts from the past direct from 'ye olde sweet shoppe' A Paper hat and Jewel Stickers to decorate, and then TWO NOVELTIES, one for the HUMAN & one for the CAT! - How cool is that?


After the huge success of the PREMIUM CATNIP Toys I have new designs for you and new Products.

From the MEGA rat and MEGA Squirrel, to the powdered kitty mind altering offering of catnip and Gall gruit ground and sprinkled, to drive your kitties crazy.

Check out the Facebook page of all the kitties going totally NUTS for these.!


Cushions, Air fresheners, Glass and MDF coasters, Bookmarks, Keyrings, Glass cutting boards, Mugs, Aluminium signs, Phone cases, Christmas decorations...things I have forgotten!

Just message and we can discuss it!


What would you like me to make for you today?

When your cat is a GOD or GODDESS, there are no limits to the  amount effigies you should have in your home.

I can help with that and make your worship to your own feline deity a reality.
Take the lovely 'Skye' here, she is her mummies GODDESS and she knows it, her mummy had every thing 'SKYE' made for her house and who can blame her when your goddess is this gorgeous?

If you want PERSONALISED - then just email me George@masoncreations.co.uk

Products for Rescues

I have provided the various rescues  with a starter pack of at least  80-100 keyrings, a selection of mugs, cat nip toys, air fresheners, tea clothes, tote bags, & cat nip toys.
Some have  even had a selection of Polo shirts, printed up with 
Logo's and fun designs to start with.
My primary rescue is CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER. When you buy something from me, made in my front room as a little cottage industry, you allow me to provide goodly amounts of promotional items for rescue charities free of charge to raise funds.  When I have raised enough funds from direct sales, I can send them a box or two which is all provided them all free of charge and when they sell them the money is 100% theirs to keep. If I should get to the giddy heights of surplus cash, then funds too. Last Christmas I managed £750 to CAT WATCH, wouldn't it be great if you could help me smash that this year? So far as well as CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER, THE CAT WELFARE GROUP, THE UNDERHEUGH ARK RESCUE & WILLOWS ANIMAL SANCTUARY have all received promotional and fundraiser goods to sell at fayres and fetes to raise funds and raise their profiles. If you do not know know me, you will not know I have only been nurturing this idea since last Christmas 2022, I have had a lot to learn and skills to develop. After a good couple of bursts of business, I kept losing traction because I did not have a website, a place you could easily see what is available and order from me. So, after being asked repeatedly, I have had to create one and here it is!  So please SHARE this site and help promote it, so I can help you, help a cat in dire need today. THANK YOU

Come and visit the FACEBOOK  Pages and see more.

Product Branding

There are many breeders on the FB groups and I have provided branded items for  some of them to promote their catteries.

This is a range of air fresheners, tote bags and cat nip toys all branded and logo'd to give to new owner/adopters of their precious babies.  

Lakeland Bengals did not actually have a logo to start, but I made one up with a favourite image and the name, which I think worked quite nicely.

The benefit here is that the breeders pay me for this, cheaper and better than they can get elsewhere and I can use that money to support rescues, for cats less fortunate and not going to homes where they will be spoilt silly.  My prices are very keen and everyone has been very happy.

Who is 'Mason Creations?

Bit of history if you are interested.

I am 'GEORGE MASON' some of you will know me through my admin functions on Facebook. CAT WATCH GRADUATES ,SNOW BENGALS UK and OUTDOOR BENGALS UK groups. I have three Bengal Cats, a hybrid breed that are very popular currently and very sensitive. Its been my deep concern for a long time that they will suffer due to their popularity and a lot of bad press and poor understanding.  I have had this breed from very early on back in the late 1990's it was a rareity.
When my first two 'vintage '  models passed at a goodly age, I took on a  further female pair and added a further single male. It was a surprise how much  things had changed in that 18yrs, not all for the good.  So in 2020, I started trying to help.. That in turn led me becoming asked to join as admin on the various groups mentioned, which further led me to connect with CAT WATCH RESCUE SHELTER.  In 2021, CAT WATCH went on a mercy dash to save 9 kittens and 1 mother cat from Backyard breeders that were brought to our attention via the Bengal groups. Since then with the other admins and CAT WATCH, we have been periodically helping Both Bengals & Savannahs to be rehomed. Bengal people love all animals , so we cannot just help one breed, we are happy to help ALL cats and in some cases this covers other animals too, but its early days, and I could spend all day thanking the many wonderful people, unsung, unknown, who quietly beaver away helping. Those 10 above all survived (just!) and have gone on to have wonderful lives full of mischief.
During this time I have helped fundraise as best I can, but it needs MORE, it needs constant promotion and ongoing funds to raise the profile of this first rescue and the several more I am now reaching out to to help and support and that means 
WE NEED YOU! When you buy an item from me, you are helping me support these rescues. So your custom is vital.

Cheetah Designs

Cheetahs have been some of the best digital images I have managed to create to date. For reasons unknown  they just seem to keep my interest and come out batter than any of the tother cats I have done.

You will find a variety of my cheetahs on various things through out my shop. If you see any of them that you  like and would wish to have on something, just email me and it can most likely be done.

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